business solution case study

VBKOM's Journey.

VBKOM (Pty) Ltd. is a mining consultancy company that we provided our services to since 2020. A full 360' I.T. solution was implemented to enable our client to operate more effectively. We replaced a large amount of their IT infrastructure with our own SaaS and hardware products. We showed our client the ease of use of our ticketing and billing system and seamlessly transitioned the client to our systems.  Due to the flexible nature of the VBKOM working hours and workspaces, we also filled a need with a fit-for-purpose and safe remote access solution. Our client management system also provided a much-needed relief in day-to-day functions to our client.

The Challenge.

VBKOM's network struggled with slow connectivity and coupled with a lack of resolution to their IT issues, this affected the company's everyday workflow.

The Need.

We implemented a full solution with Office 365, sufficient data storage, automation, spam filters, and new hardware, with 24/7 technical support.

The Result.

After implementation, the company experienced higher rates of efficiency, experienced improved workflow, and better security of their data.