Website Basics

Singe Page Website

Want a website for your business but have no idea what it means to have a single page website and if it is the right fit for your business? Do not worry we will guide you through what a single page website is, when to use a single page website for your business and what we at AOLC supports your business.

What is a single page website?

A single page website in short mean that it only holds a single HTML page. It does not hold any separate pages to the website and all your information is on one continuous page. Let us get a little more in-depth with a step-by-step of what a single page website is made from.

When you open a single page website like we have done here, it will have what we call an above fold which means it is the first visual you get to see of the website and consists of the most essential information in this case a cover image. Everything below the cover letter will be considered the below folds and still has essential information. Even though all the fold are on one continuous page when designing the website each section like the” about us” and “pool types” are considered separate folds from each other.

You can still have a menu or in this case a dropdown menu to allow the user to reach the information they are looking for quicker instead of scrolling down to the desired section.

You can also reach the menu at the bottom of the website. Once the user has completely scrolled down the page, they can just click on the section they would like to see again.

Why to use a single page website?

Easy to use

A single page website will be easy to use because all the information is in one place, and it just takes a matter of scrolling to reach the information you were looking for. This is great for business who have one product, purpose, or service they want to sell.

Better Conversion

When you have a website that can generate leads, sells a product and a contact list. Conversion will come easy and will improve your chances of a user taking initiative to complete that email list, contact list or even a quote.

Supports Multiple devices

Because of the simplicity of a one-page design it is far easier to navigate across all devices and can take out the stress whether the multi-page design will optimize and be responsive on mobile or tablet format.

Focuses more on the content

When you design a one-page website you going to focus more on creating quality content and will even be more budget friendly as your designer won’t have to spend time optimizing each page.

What is a single page website?

We here at AOLC offer Single page design options where your initial cost will include 1 above fold and 3 below folds. If you would like to add more it will be at an extra cost. If you want an expert to help you better explain this to or want to know prices fill in our easy to use contact form or email us at 

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Don't miss out on the latest updates and product specials - make sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you can stay in the loop!