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At any given moment, any protected system can be infiltrated, potentially compromising a company’s confidential information, damaging its brand, and imposing the costly expense of a forensic investigation. 
As hackers get more innovative with their tactics, companies must become more proactive in their practices. The first step in protecting your company data is to identify the existing security gaps and become aware of all potential threats, particularly those that occur from the inside. No employee is above suspicion. No organisation is immune to a security breach.

Why You Need UserMonitor?


Always Up To Date

New features and updates are pushed to all users ensuring they get the most out of their software.


Guaranteed Up-time

99.99% guaranteed up-time ensures users have access wherever they have an internet connection.


Manage Remote Clients

Access client desktops to do immediate remediation to solve issues in real-time.

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UserMonitor's main features Include:

    Phishing attacks prevention.
    Identify excessive Internet usage.
    Track who accessed confidential data and when.
    Receive an alert for unauthorized privilege changes.
    Seeing which apps are used most often.
    Keep a record of documents printed.
    Monitoring web activity and chats.
    Learn business hour and non-business hour trends.
    Meet strict compliance requirements.
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