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Cloud Services.

We are an established hosting business. Our offerings include Virtual Private Servers, Email Hosting, Website Hosting, Domain Registration, SSL Certificates, and more. 

Why Do You Need Cloud Services?


Faster Performance

Preformed at full capacity with faster less cluttered devices that rely on the internet.


Reliable Availability

Move your files online to gain access to faster and save value storage on your devices.



Stop expanding on your device internal memory and get cost-effective online storage.


    Domain Registration.We take the hassle out of domain registration by offering you the power to do it yourself. Our easy to use system allows you to register your domain and check for availability all at once. Click here to register your domain
    Domain Transfers.Transfer your domain to us in the simple to use process. Click here to transfer your domain now or have one of our friendly support desk advisors assist you.


    Budget Web Hosting.Budget Web Hosting plans are our entry-level option. Most startups and smaller organisations start with this option and upgrade when they outgrow it. It is packed with loads of freebies and software to get you going.
    General Hosting.General hosting plans are popular with small to medium organisations. They offer superb value for money and stability. It's perfect for growing demand.
    Business Web Hosting.Run your website at optimal speed with our Business Web Hosting service. Up to 500% faster than Budget and General Web Hosting, our Business packages provide all the features needed for premium web hosting without the premium price tag.


    Managed Cloud VPS.Order your managed virtual private server through us and enjoy the benefits of having a fully managed VPS to suit your size and space requirements.
    Unmanaged Cloud VPS.Select a unmanaged plan and get all the performance while saving on costs at the same time.
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